10 Crazy Weed Strain Names You Probably Never Heard of

Remember when weed was just weed? Once upon a time, there were no fancy names for it. But boy, have things changed. Now, there are strains named after everything. And everyone. From celebrities to animals to comic book characters, there are over 700 different types of bud, most of which have a very unique name. In fact, there are even strains inspired by other drugs, like acid. While you’ve likely heard your fair share of outrageous strain names, there’s a lot out there that you probably never knew existed. And here they are, so do enjoy.

10 Outrageous Names 1 1 10 Crazy Weed Strain Names You Probably Never Heard Of

1. Beast Mode

This strain is dedicated to the Seattle Seahawks’ Running Back Marshawn Lynch. After making it to the Superbowl, the bud became quite the hit. With a THC content of 20%+, it’s no wonder they call it Beast Mode.

2. Amphetamine

Amphetamine, also known as nature on speed, is just like the drug she’s named after in that she will have your pulse racing and heart pounding. But unlike the real Amphetamine, she won’t overwhelm you too much.

3. Laughing Grass

If you want a dose of laughter without hitting up the dentist office, then Laughing Grass is just for you. This strain delivers the giggles, along with a pleasant mental trip. And you won’t need to have any teeth pulled to achieve the effects, either.

4. Albino Rhino

Fierce like a rhinoceros, this strain contains 18-22% THC and is covered in tiny white milky trichomes. After one or two puffs, you’ll soon experience a strong body buzz, leaving you either couch locked, or passed out for hours. Not necessarily a bad thing if you need a good night’s sleep.

5. Candy Cane Brain

Between the upliftment and the boost of energy Candy Cane Brain has to give, the high feels almost like a sugar rush. Not to mention, its flavors are sweeter than candy. However, candy is for everyone. As for this strain and its disorienting effects, she’s certainly not for rookies.

6. Chernobyl

Considering this strain is named after the famous catastrophic nuclear accident, you would think you were in for something dangerous. While Chernobyl packs a punch, it definitely won’t harm you. In fact, it will both relax you and put you in the greatest of moods. Not even close to how you would feel during a nuclear disaster, but whatever.

7. Charlie Sheen

Of course, Charlie Sheen is quite the party animal. That’s no secret. So, since this strain promotes energy and fun, it only made sense to call it Charlie Sheen.

8. Acid

You have acid, and you have the strain of weed called Acid. Two entirely different things, that’s true. However, each will numb the pain, and take you on a vacation of a lifetime, mentally and physically.

9. Cat Piss

Why on earth would you name a strain Cat Piss, you might ask? Apparently, it has a scent similar to ammonia. But don’t let that turn you off. The high is uplifting and relaxing. Also, it’s an excellent stress reliever.

10. Dairy Queen

Similar to the fast food joint you know as Dairy Queen, only with more chill and less grill, this strain’s flavor is smooth, creamy, and tasty like ice cream. And to top it off, it will not only relax you but also make you super-duper happy. Now that’s what you call a treat.

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