10 Food Combinations You Would Have Never Imagined Together

Most will agree that peanut butter and jelly is the perfect combination of flavors, but what about milk chocolate with curry and chips? That’s just one of ten combinations of flavors from around the world that you would never expect. While many people are guilty food combinations that probably should never go together (especially when you’re elevated), chances are that you would have never imagined some of these combinations, which go from the bizarre to the delicious.

Food Combinations That 1 10 Food Combinations You Would Have Never Imagined Together

1. Milk chocolate with curry and chips

At least it’s not fish and chips!

2. Cappuccino crisps

These are decaf, right?

3. Hot cocoa-flavored Hubba Bubba

Nothing is nicer than warming up on a cold winter’s afternoon with some a nice mouthful of hot cocoa-flavored gum.

4. Mountain Dew corn snacks

Do the Dew. Or, like, is that “Chew the Dew?”

5. Pigs in blankets Pringles

The real question is, why didn’t these exist sooner!

6. Carrot-flavored ice cream

Because nothing says Häagen-Dazs like carrot-flavored ice cream!

7. Bacon cotton candy

Well, bacon does make most things better.

8. Maple bacon lollipops

That includes lollipops, too!

9. Jelly Bean-flavored milk

‘Tis the season…

10.Yogurt-Flavored Pepsi White

After all, there’s nothing that quenches the thirst like a cool glass of yogurt.

Source: Herb