10 Things That Have Definitely Happened If Youve

Unless you live in a state where cannabis is still illegal on all fronts (sorry), you’ve been to a dispensary. As cannabis lovers, we’ve all had our fair share of experiences in dispensaries. Here are 10 things that have happened to you if you’ve been to a dispensary.

10 Things That 1 10 Things That Have Definitely Happened If Youve Been To A Dispensary

1.You’ve been eyeballed or frisked

While some dispensaries give off the spa vibe, many are located on busy streets in big cities. Chances are, in a more urban area, the dispensary is going to have security. Be prepared to have a large man pierce through your soul with his eyes. If it’s a busy day, late at night, or in a crime-riddled area, expect a pat-down airport style.

2. You’ve complained

Dispensary visits aren’t always fun, despite the outcome. Maybe the clerk stared at your ID for too long and asked you to recite your address. Maybe you had to wait for what seemed like forever to go into the back room. Whatever it was, you’ve complained, either out loud in the forms of a sigh or in a text to your friends.

3. You’ve forgotten cash

This is a big one. While the majority of dispensaries now have ATM’s onsite, inevitably the one you walk into won’t have one. You will have sat in the waiting room for 10 minutes, picked out a few strains for another 10, and then realize you have no way to pay for your goods. General rule of thumb: always carry at least $20 in cash.

4. You’ve sounded like a complete idiot

If it’s your 100th time in a dispensary, this is all your fault. If you’re a cannabis newbie, this is bound to happen. Imagine this: you stride into a dispensary, and have no idea the differences between strains, concentrates, or THC and CBD levels. If you don’t know, at least don’t pretend to be an expert!

5. You’ve tried to go the medical side

This is a huge no-no! Unless you have a medical marijuana card, you cannot step foot in the medical section of the dispensary. Literally, you’ll get yelled at. We’ve all done it, probably be accident. Just apologize.

6. You’ve overheard some weird stuff

You’ve heard some bro walk in talking about the nutrients he grows with. You’ve heard a teacher say this is her therapy. Whatever it is, you’ve heard it. And it’s weird every.single.time.

7. You’ve asked for free weed

…and you were abruptly denied. A+ for effort through.

8. You’ve met someone you want to smoke with

In the lonely waiting room you sat beside them. You overheard their vast wisdom of cured flower. You’re swooning just a little bit as they walk out the door.

9 .You’ve tried to return something

They said no. You were stunned. Don’t be! Dispensaries follow strict ruled regarding returns – they can’t guarantee quality when it’s been in your procession for any time at all! Don’t be a jerk about it.

10. You’ve discovered a new strain

Thanks to the knowledge of a budtender, you’ve know found your new all-time favorite strain! You’re obsessed, and you keep coming back for more.

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