10 Things Youll Totally Understand If You Work At A Dispensary

If you work at a dispensary, you have surely learned a few things along the way. Here’s are 10 things you understand if you work at a dispensary.

10 Things You 1 10 Things Youll Totally Understand If You Work At A Dispensary

1. It’s not all about weed

It is, but it isn’t. Working at a dispensary requires the understanding that a business is a business. Just because cannabis is involved does not mean that regular business practices and requirements are ignored.

2. The smell

If you work at a dispensary, you understand that you’re going to smell weed and smell like weed all day. Even when you’re meeting your mom for dinner after work. Just remember, don’t take for granted the pungent aroma of the green stuff.

3. Asking for ID

You ask to see everyone’s ID, even if you don’t work the front desk. You also know that everyone despises you for doing this, but hey, it’s your job!

4. The patient priority

If you work at a dispensary, you know how important privacy is to your medical customers. You treated them like HIPPA treats patients in an Emergency Room. You do this even when recreational patients get upset because they have to stand in line for two extra minutes.

5. Consultations are serious

Whether you take calls from the front desk, are a bud tender, or keep the dispensary’s storeroom organized, you understand the importance of consultations. You strive to make a new customer’s experience a positive one. When patients ask questions, you are an open book and you always smile.

6. Customer “knowledge”

Some hotshot 21-year-old walks into the dispensary every day, thinking they know everything about weed. You nod, smile, and then drop all your knowledge. Boom!

7. The phone is always ringing

“Do you have Girl Scout Cookie Shatter?”

“How late are you open?”

“Do you take credit cards?”

These are just a few of the billions of questions you answer every day via telephone.

8. The importance of a waiting room

Rather than being bombarded by patients and recreational users at every moment, they are called from the waiting room. This helps you to keep your sanity, give everyone the best experience possible, and helps mitigate any security problems at the store. Waiting rooms are awesome.

9. Knowing your stuff

The world of cannabis is ever-changing. You’re a pro, but you never forget that you can probably learn a thing or two. You stay well-read and up to date on the latest strains and happenings in the cannabis community.

10. Smile, you’re on camera!

When you work in a dispensary, you are always on camera. It’s to keep everyone honest and to keep you safe. Embrace it, and smile!

Source: Herb