10 Toys From Your Childhood That Look Way Different In 2017

From Polly Pocket to Furby and Lord Vader himself, your favorite childhood toys have changed a lot over the years – some are almost unrecognizable.

10 Childhood Toys 1 10 Toys From Your Childhood That Look Way Different In 2017

1. Polly Pocket

While the modern day Polly and friends will still fit in a pocket, it’s more likely that kids will be carrying smartphones in their place.

2. Dream Phone

Speaking of smartphones, the current Dream Phone – “The Secret Admirer Board Game – has less calls (like the 1991 version) and more texts.

3. Little People

These days, Fisher-Price’s Little People look more like people than the first release in 1965, which resembled thumbs.

4. Furby

No matter what year it is, whether it’s 1998 or 2017, Furby will always be kind of creepy.

5. Super Soaker

No matter what form it takes, the Super Soaker is just as much fun as it was in 1991 when it first took the world by storm.

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Even thirty years on, the turtles are still heroes in a half-shell, and still green.

7. Bop It

The “Bop” stays the same, but the “It” is a little different.

8. View-Master

Forget Google Cardboard, as View-Master was where it was at, even if it’s the version from 1962 or 2017.

9. Strawberry Shortcake

There’s no way Strawberry Shortcake would be caught dead with that 1980s haircut.

10. Star Wars

It’s been 40 years, and the world knows the face behind the mask, but Darth Vader is still in demand.

Source: Herb