5 Ways To Discreetly Smoke Weed At Work

If you’re a daily cannabis user, office hours can be a buzz-kill. Long days without some green can be rough, especially if you work in a stressful field. Lucky for you, there are ways to enjoy weed at work – on the down low of course. Stick with us, and we’ll keep even the work week sky-high. Here are 5 ways to smoke weed at work.

5 Ways To 1 5 Ways To Discreetly Smoke Weed At Work

1. The one-hitter

A one-hitter is the perfect device for your smoking needs at work. It’s discreet and creates FAR less smoke than a blunt. Additionally, since it looks like a cigarette, you’re in good shape if a co-worker sees you from afar.

Lastly, a one-hitter will keep you from over-doing it – it’s just the right amount to get high without the fog.

2. Smoke sativa strains

If you know your weed, you know that sativas won’t give you the “I need a nap” kind of feeling. If you can, stick to sativas during work hours – your boss will be less suspicious, and you’ll be able to get your to-do list done. A brain high is much better than a body high when you’re on the clock.

3. Take breaks

Making a habit of smoking at work can become pretty obvious to your co-workers if you aren’t consistent. Start taking regular 15-minute breaks. “Going for a walk” shouldn’t seem like something out of the ordinary. And on these breaks, you can enjoy your one-hitter or even a small joint.

Chances are, someone may ask to join you at some point. The “I need some alone time” is a perfectly acceptable response.

4. Have your weed ready

At work, you don’t have time to break up nugs and roll a joint. That’s just plain stupid, and your hands will smell for the rest of the day. Assemble a stoners kit.

It should contain a lighter, a few spliffs and a one-hitter, eye drops, and some mints. Have this ready to go – you’d rather being smoking on the job than wasting precious moments rolling a blunt.

5. Use vape Pens

Vape Pens are discreet, and relatively normalized. You see them every day. The best part is, no one can tell if you have e-juice in there or cannabis concentrates.

Another plus – you don’t even have to hide the fact that you have a vape pen, because so many people use them now.

Any of these five ways should help you to smoke weed while at work, on the sly. One, or any combination of these things will help you to keep your cannabis consumption discreet, while also being able to enjoy 420, at any time or day of the week.

Source: Herb