7 of The Most Potent Edibles You Can Buy Right Now

Do you have a higher weed tolerance than most people? Are you tired of edibles that have no effect on you? Perhaps you’re a medical patient and you need something with a higher-than-normal THC level that really packs a punch. If any of these sound familiar, here are seven of the most potent edibles on the market today.

7 Of The 1 7 Of The Most Potent (And Delicious) Edibles You Can Buy Right Now

1. XL Rice Crispy treat

Potency: 1,800mg THC

The first LOL edible on the list is the XL Rice Crispy treat – the most potent THC product on the market. Proceed with caution with this one, guys. It’s probably best kept for those out there with a high tolerance.

2. Slactavis Cannabis With Syrup

Potency: 1,500mg THC

“Cannabis With Syrup” by Slactavis is made to be mixed with soda or beverage.

3. G-Bar Chocolate Bar

Potency: 1,000mg THC

The second LOL Edibles product is the “G-Bar,” made with infused coconut oil mixed with chocolate.

4. Kaneh “Best Of Both Worlds” Brownie

Potency: 1,000mg THC

Kaneh Co’s “Best of Both Worlds” is a perfect combination of fudge brownie and chocolate chip cookie.

5. Korova Black Bar

Potency: 1,000mg THC

According to Korova, “Black Bar” chocolate bar contains double the chocolate and double the potency, and is their most potent product to date.

6. The Elvis Cookie

Potency: 1,000mg THC

“The Elvis” by The Venice Cookie Company is a homage to the King himself’s favorite sandwich – peanut butter, banana, and bacon. But VCC have swapped out bacon for chocolate chips.

7. Clean Healing Pizza Sauce

Potency: 500 mg THC

This one is for the savory-lovers out there, all Clean Healing Pizza Sauce jars are infused with concentrates made by “The Clear.” Each jar makes enough for one pizza, but remember – don’t eat it all at once! This awesome sauce is also won 1st Place Edible at the 2016 High Time Cannabis Cup in LA.

Source: Herb