California Recreational Cannabis Receives Endorsement

The California cannabis industry scored a victory last night as it received strong support from its Attorney General. We are thrilled by these comments as it should further the conversation with the Federal government and in turn, provide more clarity on the matter.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra spoke out yesterday and said that he does not plan to let the new White House administration interfere with the state’s plan to legalize recreational marijuana. This program is expected to get started in January 2019 after the November 2016 ballot initiative passed overwhelmingly.

Politico reported this announcement and we find it significant as it comes at a crucial time for the United States legal cannabis industry.

Becerra said, “I would love to see Jeff Sessions come to California and tell us we’re not going to move forward on cannabis. Something tells me, that it’s not going to happen. I’ll probably be the one millionth person in line to fight Jeff Sessions on that.”

United States has reached an Inflection Point

The United States cannabis industry is at a crossroads and it has moved too far forward to try to pull it back now. We do not expect the war on cannabis to continue much longer as it does not make economic sense.

29 states have legalized medical marijuana and eight states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana. The legal cannabis industry is already a multi-billion-dollar industry and it is not even in the first inning of what will be one of the biggest growth cycles ever seen.

Momentum and support for cannabis, especially medical cannabis has never been higher. Earlier this year, a Quinnipiac poll reported that 71% of Americans would oppose a federal crackdown on legal cannabis and that 93% are in favor of medical cannabis.

The legal cannabis industry is the fastest growing industry in the world and it employs hundreds of thousands of people. If the government tried to shut the industry down, it would cost trillions of dollars and destroy new revitalized economies across the country.

Source: Technical 420