Can-do In Congressional Quarterly – Can-do Justice Through Clemency

Sarah Glazer has written a thorough report on Women in Prison for Congressional Quarterly, citing CAN-DO, quoting CAN-DO President Amy Povah, and closing the article with the following:

However, Povah, whose organization CAN-DO helped women prisoners file clemency petitions, expressed dismay at the small number of women — 106 — who got clemency, just 6 percent of the total granted by Obama.

“The men who drove the drug war are the ones getting clemency, even if they are four-time offenders. How is it that they get it and first-offender women are being denied?” she asked.

Studies and reports focused on women in prison are extremely helpful. CAN-DO is pleased with every scintilla of information that will educate the public about the plight that women suffer at the hands of a heartless criminal justice policy that locks up women, especially mothers for decades, even if they are a first offender and based upon testimony alone, no hard evidence. But we want Congress to act. No more studies – there is plenty of information available to draw from – FREE OUR WOMEN!

Source: CAN-DO Clemency