Canadas Cannabis Company is Gearing Up for The Rec Market

Invictus MD Strategies Corp. (IMH.V) (IVITF) has been executing quickly and efficiently ahead of the opening of Canada’s recreational marijuana market and we are keeping a close eye on this licensed marijuana producer.

Invictus has been a profitable investment thus far. The shares are off its lows and the pullback in early September created a great opportunity for new investors. We remain bullish on Invictus and favorable on its long-term outlook.

Invictus: A Recreational Marijuana Opportunity

Earlier this week, the licensed marijuana producer updated shareholders on the steps it is taking to be prepared to capitalize on the recreational cannabis opportunity when it is legalized in July 2018.

If Invictus can execute on its planned initiatives, the company will be positioned to become a leading licensed medical cannabis producer in Canada. So far, Invictus has not only executed quickly but it also has been very efficient. The company said the costs associated with the Phase 2 expansion are expected to fall within the initial $6 million budget.

Invictus is led by a management team with a proven track record and the team has learned from its previous expansion projects and production improvements. We are favorable on Invictus and believe that investors need to keep this licensed marijuana producer on their radar.

A Stock Investors Need to Watch

Invictus is focused on increasing production capacity and expanding its reach. In August, the licensed marijuana producer said it made significant progress with its Phase 2 expansion and that construction on the 27,800-square-foot production facility should be completed by the end of January.

Invictus continues to execute and is focused on creating value for its shareholders. We are favorable on the recent reported developments when it comes to its investments and subsidiaries.

The shares have been under pressure recently and have pulled back with the rest of the Canadian market. We are monitoring this pullback for a bottom and believe Invictus can be a very profitable opportunity when it finds one.

Source: Technical 420