Cannabis Career Training

Cannabis Career Training

Cannabis Career Training

Cannabis Career Training

Are you looking for cannabis career training? Are you interested in how to find a cannabis job? Getting sick and tired of your boring desk job?

Millions of people around the USA, Canada, and now many other countries are looking for a new cannabis career opportunity now that the cannabis industry is growing at such an extraordinary rate.

How to get a job in the Cannabis industry?

Well, the first thing to do is to get as educated as possible about cannabis from a credible cannabis college.

It is vital for anyone looking for a marijuana job to learn every aspect of the cannabis industry to set oneself apart from the other marijuana job applicants.

Marijuana business owners look for candidates who have a solid foundation in areas such as:

How to grow cannabis

How to cook with cannabis

-Cannabis extractions

Cannabis laws and regulations

-History of cannabis

-Cannabis strains

Budtender certification training

Cannabis as a medicine

-Cannabis dispensary management

-Where to invest in the cannabis industry

-Cannabis business plan writing

Fortunately all of these areas are covered in depth at only one marijuana school, Cannabis Training University.

CTU is the only and first online cannabis college with a complete curriculum that prepares applicants to work in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis career training is affordable at CTU, often on sale for 1/3rd of its competitors who are not providing education that is recognized within the industry like Cannabis Training University does.

Marijuana jobs are found at this time most often at areas such as:

-Colorado cannabis jobs

-California cannabis jobs

-Oregon cannabis jobs

-Washington cannabis jobs

-Nevada cannabis jobs

-Maine cannabis jobs

-Michigan cannabis jobs

-Rhode Island cannabis jobs

-Massachusetts cannabis jobs

-Washington D.C cannabis jobs

-Illinois cannabis jobs

-Hawaii cannabis jobs

-Vermont cannabis jobs

-Alaska cannabis jobs

-New Mexico cannabis jobs

-Montana cannabis jobs

Other areas currently that are up and coming and big things are possible in the near future as laws evolve, although have not quite yet, are areas such as:

-Florida cannabis jobs

-Texas cannabis jobs

-North Carolina cannabis jobs

-Ohio cannabis jobs

-Arkansas cannabis jobs

-Georgia cannabis jobs

-North Dakota cannabis jobs

-Connecticut cannabis jobs

-Minnesota cannabis jobs

-New Hampshire cannabis jobs

-New Jersey cannabis jobs

-New York cannabis jobs

-Pennsylvania cannabis jobs

Canada cannabis jobs are expected to have many thousands soon and is one of the fastest growing cannabis areas.

Mexico cannabis jobs, Spain cannabis jobs, and Australia cannabis jobs are all expected to have many marijuana career opportunities in the near future as well.

What kinds of cannabis career opportunities are there?

Most cannabis jobs are in the following areas:

-Cannabis grower

-Budtender in a cannabis shop or dispensary

-Cannabis Trimmer

-Cannabis Chef

-Cannabis Extraction Technician

-Cannabis Packaging

-Cannabis Security

-Cannabis Insurance

-Cannabis Blog Writing

-Dispensary Manager

Cannabis Career Outlook?

The cannabis career outlook is looking very bright. NBC recently wrote that cannabis is the fastest growing industry in North America.

No other industry will be able to keep up with cannabis as long as the law makers make the right decisions and let the cannabis industry thrive as it should.

The United States could easily turn cannabis into an industry that creates billions of dollars in tax revenue, helps stimulate, and in some states save the economy, creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, and becomes as accepted and legal as tobacco and alcohol, both of which are far more dangerous than cannabis and both of which have nowhere near the medical value that cannabis does.

How to Get a Job in the Marijuana Industry

Step 1. Enroll at the leading cannabis career training program

Step 2. Pass all the cannabis certifications available at CTU

Step 3. Put together your cannabis resume

Step 4. Pick your cannabis state or country that you want to work in

Step 5. Pick your cannabis career path

Step 6. Apply to cannabis jobs with your CTU certification, resume, and cover letter

Step 7. Get all the applicable state or country licensing done at the local heath department

Step 8. Get hired and start your cannabis career

How to weed out under qualified cannabis schools?

  1. How long has the cannabis college been in business?
  2. How much cannabis education is included?
  3. How recognized are the cannabis certifications?
  4. What is the cost of the cannabis college?
  5. How much time is included to learn the cannabis school curriculum?
  6. How many subject areas are included at the marijuana school?
  7. How many students have gone on to get a cannabis job?

Cannabis Training University is the leading cannabis college in all of these categories.

-CTU was the first online cannabis college back in 2009.

-CTU provides over 100 cannabis videos, and more than 5000 pages of cannabis ebooks. By far the most of any cannabis school and adds to it each year.

-CTU is the most recognized cannabis certification program and has been since 2009

-CTU is priced lower than all other cannabis schools, making it an absolute bargain and affordable for people of many income levels

-CTU comes with a full year of online training for only one payment (no recurring monthly payments that add up month after month)

-CTU has the largest cannabis curriculum in the world, over 100 actual videos (not cheap slides like the other cannabis colleges), and more than 5000 pages of ebooks.

-More Cannabis Training University graduates go on to start a marijuana job than any other marijuana schools. CTU is the premier cannabis job training program.

Top 10 current U.S states for Cannabis jobs and Cannabis Careers?

  1. Colorado
  2. California
  3. Washington
  4. Oregon
  5. Nevada
  6. Maine
  7. Michigan
  8. Rhode Island
  9. Illinois
  10. Massachusetts

Cannabis Career & Institute Training Program Online

Cannabis career training is the best way to get a marijuana job and the premier and most widely recognized cannabis college has created the cannabis career program that can jumpstart your new job in the fun, exciting, and booming cannabis industry.

The cannabis industry is growing faster than all other industries and there has never been a better time to get your cannabis career training and start a new job in the booming cannabis sector.

Start your cannabis career today by getting educated online by the only cannabis training destination.

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Source: Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Career Training Comes to The Nations Capital June 2728


Cannabis Career Training Comes to the Nation’s Capital June 27-28

Oaksterdam University to Prepare Washingtonians to Work in the Legal Cannabis Industry

WASHINGTON, DC, April 8, 2015 — On June 27-28, 2015, Oaksterdam University – the nation’s only recognized cannabis college – will bring to Washington, DC, the city’s first certified career training program for candidates seeking to enter the legal cannabis industry. The two-day event, to be held at the Capital Hilton located at 1001 16th Street, NW, is sponsored by local cannabis entrepreneur Ben David Sheppard and his portfolio of cannabis companies, MD Canna-Care & Cultivation, House of Jane and Jane’s Brew Gourmet Coffees teas and other fine edibles.

The training will provide participants with the critical information they need to pursue a cannabis career, from opening a dispensary or delivery business, to structuring a legal cannabis entity, understanding their legal rights under the District’s and other states’ laws, bud tending, vending and more. The Washington, DC, certification program is a good testing ground for Oaksterdam as it eyes Washington, DC, as a potential headquarters for its planned East Coast campus.

When the District of Columbia approved Initiative 71 last November, it made possession of marijuana legal in the city. Officials estimate that the local marijuana economy could become $130 million annually. And, CannaInsider has estimated that states with legal cannabis laws will create over 200,000 new industry jobs in 2015 alone.

“The District of Columbia has positioned itself as a leader in the legal marijuana movement, and we are proud to bring our deep bench of industry knowledge and experience to help DC’s and other East Coast cannabis industry pioneers grow their careers and emerging businesses,” said Dale Sky Jones, Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam University. “Congress may throw roadblocks in DC’s way, but legal cannabis, marijuana jobs and opportunities are here to stay.”

“As a business owner who calls Washington home and an owner of House of Jane, a cannabis-infused beverage company geared towards patients, I know how important it is to create an industry that is responsible in its approach and in its commitment to patients and consumers,” said Sheppard. “We’re dedicated to training a workforce that is committed to product quality, health and safety – and that’s why we’ve built a relationship with Oaksterdam University. We want to give Washington, DC, and every state the confidence to support medical marijuana and cannabis legalization.”

To register for the two-day training, please visit . Space is limited and early bird registration rates end May 31.

Source: SmokingWithStyle