Choose The Right Licensed Producer

After procuring your medical marijuana prescription, it’s time to go shopping for a licensed producer (LP). These are companies with federal licenses to grow and distribute medical cannabis in Canada.

That’s right, it’s time to choose your legal drug dealer! So to speak…

What do you need?

Not all LPs offer the same things, so a little research on your end will help ensure you’ll get the right prescription for you.

Think of choosing an LP like choosing a grocery store: some will have competitive prices and a lot of selection, while others will have not-so competitive pricing and less selection, but they may carry that one specialty item you’re looking for. Unlike grocery stores, however, you can’t just pop into one on your way to the other. The system is set up so patients can only split their prescription between a maximum of two LPs (in case they want to try a different strain or ensure supply).

Step one is knowing what you need. What kind of strain do you want? Is it high-THC oil you’re after? Or CBD bud? Or maybe you want access to a wide selection of daytime and nighttime strains? Plus, how are you going to take your prescriptions? Answering these questions will help narrow down your list of producers.

Go digital window shopping

There are currently 43 LPs serving patients in Canada. You can check out our list of LPs and click through to most of their websites. You can also search Lift’s database of nearly 17,000 cannabis reviews, which can be sorted by product, strain, producer and symptoms they may relieve. Spend some time getting familiar with what’s out there.

If you find yourself lost in the details of choosing your LP, don’t panic. Just start with a larger producer. “Generally, I would look for an LP that has a large selection of strains available,” says Gill Pollard, marketing director for the Lift Resource Centre, a medical cannabis centre dedicated to helping educate people about medical marijuana and how to access it safely in Canada. “I would also take the time to check out the Lift website for reviews from other patients.”

Know you’ve got friends

If the idea of vetting dozens of companies for the right kind of medical marijuana for you and your condition seems overwhelming, remember that you don’t need to go it alone. Your doctor, family and friends can help support you—but if not, there are others.

“At our centres, you will have access to a nurse educator who can help walk you through the process and who is familiar with all of the LPs,” says Pollard. And this is really what the whole LP system is about, making sure that the medicine you get is safe, controlled, and constantly tested and approved by the government.

If any part of this process feels too intimidating, pop into a clinic or visit their site to get help with everything from seeing a doctor, registering with a provider and even placing your first order.

Looking for more information on how to get and use a medical marijuana prescription? Download the Lift Patient Guide here.

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Source: Lift Cannabis