Congressman Provided Medical Marijuana To Children Who Were

“Illegally” Given by Congressman Medical Marijuana To Children Helped Treat Symptoms

Congressman Provided Medical Marijuana To Children Who Were In Need Of It! 1

When a representative of the state broke the law to help those in need – this is an alarming signal…A signal to the fact that it’s time for changes.

Allen Peake risked everything to fulfill his duty. In 2015, he organized a complex underground system for the supply of medical marijuana to children throughout Georgia. In the same year, he put forward a bill that allowed some patients to receive limited access to medical cannabis. But good intentions looked like disobedience through the prism of laws.

Congressman committed a criminal offense on the delivery of marijuana across the border. His case is still being considered by the DEA. The legislator, seeing how his medical marijuana helps children fight with different illnesses, doesn’t regret his actions and considers risks fully justified.

In addition, the congressman helped some families from Georgia move to Colorado, where he then provided children with medical marijuana. Now, when Allen Peake can’t buy cannabis himself, he donates $100,000 towards medical marijuana research.

Source: National Marijuana News