Death Star By Top Shelf

Available at The Gallery in Parkland.

Whether defending galaxies, or just slaying your weekend chores, we all need a little help sometimes! That’s where Death Star by Top Shelf comes in! Remarkably dense, highly-crystalline nugs appear battle ready and heartier than most. The light green leaf curling to protect the bud within. After popping open Top Shelf’s iconic bags, the lineage of this flower becomes apparent. Notes of diesel and earth are powerful. After consuming this flower using a water pipe and a dry pipe, we observed a pungent, earthy flavor with the aforementioned diesel note in full effect. But it’s not the appearance fragrance, or even flavor of this bud that makes it so cosmically powerful, it’s the unique effects. Death Star is an indica-dominant hybrid, which was created by crossing Sensi Star (indica) with Sour Diesel (sativa). The results are this flower, which tested at 25.6 percent CBD. A more perfect medicine would be hard to find. Death Star provides a steady and effective stream of CBD, perfect for chronic pain management. The subtle but powerful effect is perfect for taking care of pain, without leaving you groggy and unable to function. If you’re looking for a high CBD strain, and haven’t tried Death Star yet, you should. It’s a pleasant and powerful alternative to many of the more popular high CBD strains.

Source: Culture Magazine