Dr Sanjay Gupta Denying Patients Medicinal Marijuana

Cannabis policy made some big and bold moves forward in this last US election. We are well aware of the “Blockbuster” bills that passed in California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts, legalizing cannabis for recreational use. However, new legislation passed for medical cannabis programs too…maybe not as sexy and press worthy, but no less important. Florida, Arkansas and North Dakota just ushered in brand new policy that will allow patients with specific conditions use cannabis medicine as a treatment option, in addition to a few other states that adjusted and or expanded their current medical program.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, an American neurosurgeon and chief medical correspondent for CNN news recently sat down with Seth Meyers to discuss his views on medical cannabis.

“I believe that marijuana can be a medicine,”declares Dr. Gupta. “When I would look at the data around medical marijuana in the past, I didn’t find it very compelling. But what I started to learn, was that if you looked at all the studies, what you came to learn is that most of the studies were designed to look for harm, as opposed to designed to look for benefit. So, 94% of the studies over a five year period were actually designed to look for harm, as opposed to benefit, so the whole system was sort of looking for that harm as opposed to saying that this could be a legitimate medicine.

“I started to travel around the world, I went to other counties, I started to look at laboratories that were not funded by US government and a different picture started to emerge.”

Dr. Gupta famously re-positioned his stance on cannabis and made a public apologize for previous statements he has issued about the efficacy of cannabis as medicine.

As he says in the interview below:

“I think for certain people not only does it work, it can be the only thing that works. and it would be immoral to withhold that if it’s a therapy that can actually benefit people.” .

Source: Israel Cannabis