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The slogan “Experience Higher Value” is a tough motto to live up to, but this sleek, earthy flavored indica-dominant cartridge really holds up against that motto. Easy to store and packed with 500mg of pure bliss, the Blackberry strain is perfect for patients in need of the muscle relaxing effects indicas deliver. For anyone that wants a pure, CO2 extract that is delicious and potent, without alerting everyone in the vicinity, these little beauties will give you everything you could want. Head over to FlavRx.com to find the right strain and product for you.

I created Sous Weed while I was at Nomiku, a company that makes the smallest sous vide device for precise temperature cooking. I found that the sous vide method lends itself perfectly to cannabis cooking. It’s easy to set up, safe, precise and discreet. The cannabis is sealed in a jar and placed

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