Invictus Mds Investment In Ab Labs is Blooming

Earlier this year, we highlighted Invictus MD Strategies (IMH.V) (IVITF) after it completed a bought deal financing and reiterated its vision to solidify its cultivation portfolio.

The bought deal provided Invictus with the capital it needed to fully fund its investments and represented a significant development for the company.

An Execution Story

Since then, Invictus has continued to execute and advance its story and today, the company announced another milestone. Last month, Invictus’ ACMPR licensed production facility, AB Labs completed its first harvest. The company said that the second harvest occurred this week and expects to have monthly harvests going forward.

In April, Invictus completed its investment in AB Labs, which owns a 16,000 square-foot facility in Hamilton, Ontario that is licensed to cultivate cannabis. AB Labs is a fully operational licensed producer with distribution through Canopy Growth’s Tweed Main Street online store.

Over the next year, AB Labs will be able to significantly increase production capacity through AB Ventures, which completed the acquisition of 100 acres in Ontario. This land will be used to cultivate cannabis once the company is fully licensed under the ACMPR.

AB Ventures was formed to develop a second licensed expansion facility through its common ownership with AB Labs. AB Ventures is planning its Phase 1 expansion which initially includes the development of two 21,000 square foot, multiple room production facilities. The company engaged a development advisor to provide guidance at the pre-consultation stage for its site plan approval.

Invictus MD has committed to invest $5.5 million to fund the costs of licensing approval and construction of the initial production facilities (totaling 42,000 square foot). The company plans to complete the additional production facilities by 2019.

A Company to Watch

If Invictus can execute on its planned initiatives, the company will be positioned to become a leading licensed medical cannabis producer in Canada. Assuming that AB Ventures obtains a license to produce a scale at the proposed facility, there will additional production capacity to meet the demand for medical and recreational marijuana. If more production capacity is needed, the company can further expand on its 100-acre property.

Invictus MD Executive Chairman Dan Kriznic will assume responsibilities as Chairman and CEO of Invictus MD and Trevor Dixon will assume responsibilities as President and CEO of Acreage Pharms to facilitate the further expansion of that production site while achieving increased operational efficiencies.

Although Invictus has continued to execute, the shares have moved lower with the Canadian cannabis industry over the last quarter. Shares of Invictus are down 40% during this time and we view the valuation as attractive at these levels. We plan to keep an eye on the shares after yesterday’s move higher and will monitor how the company continues to execute.

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