Israel Will Export Cannabis In As Little As Two

On Sunday, Israel’s Agriculture Minister, Uri Ariel, announced that the nation would begin exporting medical cannabis. Israel continues to be lightyears ahead of other nations in terms of medical cannabis research, because they have embraced it, rather than hampering it like the United States.

“In two years we will have protocols in place that will allow farmers to grow cannabis,” Ariel promised on Israel Radio. “The Agriculture Ministry has set up specific areas for the research and trial of growing cannabis, a plant whose foremost use is the medical treatment of patients around the world.”

Israel has led the globe in cannabis research for over 50 years. THC’s discoverers Professor Rafael Mechoulam and his associate Dr. Yechiel Gaoin isolated ?9-tetrahydrocannabinol in 1964.

Recently, Israel expanded its medical cannabis program by authorizing additional doctors to prescribe cannabis. Health Minister Yaakov Litzman proposed legislation that will have no cap on the amount of authorized doctors. Currently, only 36 doctors serve around 23,000 medical cannabis patients. Israel’s Volcani Institute for Agricultural Engineering recently launched their own experimental cannabis farm which could eventually reach patients in other nations. “The Agriculture Ministry is now devoting significant-size plots for experimentation and exhibition of cannabis growing,” Ariel said earlier this year on Israel Radio. The Institute plans on developing the most efficient methods for growing cannabis.

In Israel, Dr. Ari Eran’s first-ever formal clinical trial will look at children and teenagers with autism. The participants involved with the study will have access to non-psychoactive CBD oil and doctors will see whether medical cannabis improves their conditions.

Exporting cannabis means higher prices for those in other nations, the only way possible for Israeli farmers to make a profit.

The potential is endless. American business firms have already invested $50 million in Israel’s budding medical cannabis industry. Ariel believes exportation could eventually become legal in about two years under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet. Recreational cannabis remains illegal in Israel, however, medical cannabis research is flourishing more than anywhere else.

Source: Culture Magazine