Mixing Cannabis Strains To Get A More Intense

Have you ever combined different cannabis strains in one bowl? If so, then you already know this technique can help to create a great new flavor—kind of like when you combine different sodas at the soda fountain to create your own concoction of deliciousness. In addition to crafting a new taste, sometimes you can also make the effects of one or both of the cannabis strains more intense when you combine them!

There are a couple reasons that combining certain strains together can impact the effects of them when consumed—that is due to the different cannabinoids interacting and the different terpenes mingling. Many strains have different effects or strengths, and those strengths can feel more intense when combined with a complementary strain. Some fun pairings to try include a high THCV strain (sativas like Durban Poison, Cherry Pie, Willie Nelson, Jack the Ripper or Skunk No. 1) with a high CBD strain (like Charlotte’s Web, Harlequin, Sour Tsunami or Cannatonic). This combination will provide a lovely, energetic effect that is smooth, mellow and uplifting, making this combo ideal for daytime consumption.

You can also try a straight forward indica and sativa combination like Colombian Gold and Purple Urkle—both are extremes in their own effects, but together they can provide a nice relaxing, balanced effect.

Putting two hybrids together can also be effective and entertaining—try something like Jack Frost with some Cheese—you can play up the sedative effects of the indica-dominant hybrid and still get some energy through Jack Frost’s effects.

You can customize your mixed bowl to match the symptoms you have—maybe you want some CBD to kill pain but you also the sleepy effects of a THC-heavy indica—whatever you’re feeling, you can Frankenstein together your own personal concoction.

Source: Culture Magazine