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The turkey and fixings have been put away and the early morning gym escapades and diets of all kinds have commenced. Are you having a hard time get up early and eating your vegetables? Are you craving sweets in front of the TV in your PJs? Well, the solution may be in cannabis strains with THCV. THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is generally found in sativas, and is known for giving boosts of energy, it also helps to control the appetite.

Smoking strains known to have THCV help make you feel less hungry. The consensus is that you would smoke a high THCV sativa strain in the morning and before meals and exercise. Then you would smoke a high THCV indica leaning strain in the evenings to enable relaxation. The biggest question is which strains have this natural weight loss booster? After a bit of research, we have come up with some common strains to consider adding into your repetoire.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze makes many people super happy. This sweet and earthy tasting sativa hybrid uplifts and satisfies the hunger within, without the need for a bag of chips and a cupcake. A mix of Northern Lights, Skunk #1 and Haze, SS Haze can keep you going all day while enabling your creativity. Hint: Be careful when using this strain for edibles as the onset of an intensified effect from this strain may cause vertigo.

Durban Poison

This pure sativa is from a land race in South Africa. The town of Durban to be exact. Sativas are known to be uplifting and creative, but this strain takes that to the max. A great strain for when you need to move your body or flex your mind. And, of all the strains on this list, this is probably the best strain for keeping the munchies at bay, since it tests incredibly high for THCV. This strain can be found in Southern California and throughout Oregon and Colorado.

Pineapple Purps

This citrusy bud is known to create euphoric feelings that keep anxiety attacks at bay. The ratio of THC to THCV ratio in this strain 3:1, which fights the feeling of the munchies. Pineapple Purps also helps those who can’t sleep. Instead of late night munchies, this strain will help you forget about food and to catch those Zs.


Although G13 is an indica-dominant strain, it still has some of the effects of a strong sativa. And it has the THCV that destroy hunger. This bud has an elevating feeling and gives the user energy to get off the couch and makes you ready to socialize, as long as you don’t smoke too much. Paired with a high CBD strain, this combo can and probably will, put you to sleep. This pine and earthy tasting strain is widely available, so if you ask around you can probably find it.

Jack the Ripper

Found in Washington, this strain comes from Jack’s Cleaner and Space Queen. It packs a punch of THC, sometimes testing at over 20 percent. Be careful, this strain can cause a bit of paranoia, but it is a solid sativa and holds that appetite-blocking gem of THCV. And although you may not want to eat, Jack the Ripper will rip the saliva out of your mouth, so make sure to stay hydrated while consuming this one.

Willie Nelson

This appetite-suppressing strain also invokes happiness and laughter and may even cause one to break out the old guitar and get down on some country music. With lineage from Nepalese and South Asian sativas, many reviewers say that this is such an uplifting effect that it can completely combat depression. Many of the pharmaceuticals that claim to help with bouts of extreme sadness also increase the appetite, causing an average of 10 pounds of weight gain. This sativa helps regulate weight and depression, without other harsh side effects caused by manufactured pharmaceuticals. You can generally find this strain in Washington and Colorado, but you can find it as far south as Arizona and as far east as Michigan.

Green Crack

This super racy strain has a hunger-busting effect to it as well. With a wide range of availability throughout the U.S., this super sweet and citrusy strain comes from Skunk #1. You can expect to feel awake and full of energy off this potent bud, but overdoing it can cause paranoia and anxiety. It’s a great strain to use when you need to focus, but can also cause moisture loss and redness in the eyes.

These are just a few of the strain options when it comes to the appetite controlling THCV. Look for strains with lineage from African landraces. If you have a dispensary or collective at your fingertips, ask for the testing results. For avid smokers, simply paying attention to how each strain affects you can help to tell you what to smoke.

Cannabis consumers are generally healthier than non-cannabis users because we tend to make better choices in the food we choose to consume. Even though strains that contain THCV can help to suppress your appetite, it is still best to maintain a healthy diet and to exercise regularly.

Source: Culture Magazine