NFL First Deny Cte, Now Deny Cannabis

You can add marijuana to list of things that Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell do not agree on…At a recent owner’s meeting in Arizona, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones addressed several topics, one of which pertained to the lifting of the NFL’s ban on the use of medical marijuana.Earlier today, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke out against the use of medical marijuana in an interview with ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning.Goodell Against Medical Marijuana UseGoodell said the league does not see any medical benefits associated with marijuana and said it may not be healthy for the players long-term.Although doctors, players, patients, and advocates have all suggested that marijuana could be a better solution for pain than painkillers, Goodell does not agree. He has his own advisors on the case.Goodell said, “We’ve been studying that through our advisers. To date, they haven’t said, ‘This is a change we think you should make that is in the best interest of the health and safety of our players.’ If they do, we’re certainly going to consider that. But to date, they haven’t really said that.”An Evolving DiscussionGoodell’s comments came amid a federal lawsuit filed by more than 1,800 former players who say they suffered long-term health problems because of improper and deceptive prescription drug-distribution practices by NFL teams.Although it is unfortunate to see Goodell take this stance against medical marijuana, we are glad to see it being discussed. The industry take major steps forward over the last few years and it is only a matter of time until it is legalized everywhere for medical use.Cannabis legalization initiatives continue to advance across the globe and the United States is behind the curve. From Germany to Australia, countries continue to accept the new reality…Cannabis is medicine!

Source: Technical 420