Oregon Releases Draft Rules for Early Recreational Marijuana

SALEM, OR — Limited retail sales of marijuana to adults 21 or older will begin in Oregon on October 1, and this week the government agency that oversees medical marijuana sales in the state released proposed regulations for the early recreational marijuana sales.

Oregon Releases Draft Rules for Early Recreational Marijuana Sales

Earlier this year, the Oregon legislature passed a measure , Senate Bill 460, to allow recreational marijuana sales to adults beginning October 1.  On Wednesday, the Oregon Health Authority, who oversees the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, issued draft regulations for the rules to implement the bill, which was signed into law by Governor Kate Brown in July.

Thomas H. Clarke

Under the voter-approved Measure 91, possession of marijuana by adults 21 or older became legal in Oregon on July 1.  But the law approved by voters last November gave the Oregon Liquor Control Commission until January 1, 2016 to implement regulations on production, processing, and commercial sale of marijuana.  The Oregon legislature took the unusual step of allowing existing medical marijuana dispensaries to sell marijuana to anyone starting October 1, in an effort to curb black market sales while the Oregon Liquor Control Commission develops the recreational marijuana industry.

Many of the proposed rules mirror the legislation that was passed by the legislature in July.  Customers must provide proof of age with a valid, government-issued photo ID, and must be 21 or older to purchase marijuana.

According to the initial draft of the rules released by the Oregon Health Authority this week, all existing medical marijuana dispensaries will be given the option to sell limited marijuana to adults. Under the draft regulations, local cities and towns can elect to opt-out of allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to sell marijuana to adults, however.

Recreational marijuana sales to adults will be tax free until January 2016.  Starting on January 4, 2014 a special tax of 25% will be added to recreational marijuana sales at the time of purchase.

A medical marijuana identification card is not necessary, but non-medical marijuana cardholders will be limited to what they can buy.  Adults who do not possess medical marijuana identification will be allowed to purchase cannabis seeds, up to four non-flowering plants, and up to seven grams of dried marijuana flower per person, per day, per store.

Non-medical marijuana cardholders will not be allowed to purchase extracts, edibles, concentrates or any cannabis infused products other than dried marijuana flower, seeds or immature plants.

All of the state’s existing medical marijuana growers will supply both the medical and recreational market, and there will be no distinction between “medical” or “recreational” marijuana.

Medical marijuana dispensaries who elect to participate in the early recreational sales will need to notify the Oregon Health Authority at least five days before they begin selling marijuana to non-medical marijuana card holders via a form on the Authority’s website.  In addition, all dispensaries, regardless of whether or not they participate in the early sales program, will be required to display a sign on the exterior of their business clarifying if they are medical-only or if they are participating in the early recreational sales.  Specifically, the sign must be posted using an “80 point Times New Roman” font.

The draft rules also require retailers to post signs warning pregnant women about the dangers of consuming marijuana while pregnant, and stores will be required to display an “educate before you recreate” flyer that is available from the state’s website.

Thomas H. Clarke

seems i may have to join in their early celebration cant wait

Great News unless you live in eastern Oregon which are all “Red” counties (over 55% voted against pot) and don’t have to allow rec or med dispensaries which they won’t. The one Oregon dispensary in a 100 mile area said they will not sell rec for various reasons when I contacted them. (the biggest reason I think is that the county would then “notice” them and shut them down) The nearest dispensary selling rec Oct 1 is a 240 mile round trip (for a 1/4 Oz, not happening). The Washington border is 10 min. away (crossing state lines a no-no ofc) but the nearest Washington rec store there is a 124 mile round trip. I would prefer to buy regulated and tested cannabis but it looks like the black market (and the criminal activity associated with it) will continue to thrive east of Bend Or. (remember they don’t check I.D.) selling to anybody who has cash (including your teenage kids). Until the senile redneck bible-thumping prohibitionists pull their heads out of their a**’s or die off we still have some work to do. What really burns my ass is that my local politicians forbid retail cannabis but the county/cities still get their cut of the cannabis tax pie to do nothing. If not participating they shouldn’t receive a dime of tax revenue.

25% tax!!!! Christ!!! You know, back in the day, citizens of this country wouldn’t have put up with that!!! A few key history highlights come to mind….like the Intorlerable Acts and the Boston Tea Party. We’re not too far from the breaking point again!

Source: The Daily Chronic