Serene Helps Cannabis Enthusiasts Find The Best Spots

Ryan Allway

July 14th, 2017


Urbanisation has many benefits but it also is associated with increased levels of mental illness, including depression. The Journal of Environmental Psychology published a scientific study showing that regular immersion in nature resulted in an improved environment for mental restoration, and encouraged feelings of vitality and creativity. The study highlighted the clear benefit for humans to interact with the natural world.

Serene is a new app that takes the Scandinavian concept of friluftsliv – or reconnection with nature for improved wellbeing – to provide a safe, legal and unprecedented platform for cannabis users to explore and reconnect with the great outdoors. Serene intends to build a community where users can add, share and discover the very best spots, made better with cannabis.

With investment from Canopy, a seed-stage accelerator and venture fund for the cannabis industry, the company is now gearing up to launch the beta version of the app to users that sign-up at

For more information, visit the company’s website at or follow them on Instagram or Twitter under the username @serene_ap.

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