Surprising New Poll Finds Cannabis Stigma Declining

As more US states continue to legalize cannabis – and Canada prepares to end prohibition nationwide – social attitudes are also evolving. A new Yahoo News/Marist poll posted earlier this week found that the stigmas that have shadowed cannabis for years are starting to die out. Support for medical and adult use legalization continues to climb (80% for medical, 49% for adult use), and one in four Americans are looking to invest in federally-legal cannabis companies. The poll also found some interesting behavior among cannabis consumers. 86% have used cannabis at a party or social event with friends – not exactly shocking. But did you figure 16% would consume before a religious service? 20% before a funeral? Interesting…

The Yahoo/Marist poll surveyed 1,122 adults in the United States, and was conducted in March 2017.

There seems to be overwhelming support across the United States to legalize medicinal marijuana. But support drops when people are asked whether cannabis should be legal for all adults.

At What Age Did You Get ‘The Talk’?

Of the respondents who had consumed cannabis, at what age did they first consume? And what age do they feel is appropriate for a first try? The survey found some curious results.

A Matter of Respect

Here’s a question we hadn’t thought of before: What would you do if you found out your child’s teacher consumed cannabis in their personal life outside of work? Would you lose respect for that person? Or would the consumption of cannabis not make a difference?

Are You In or Are You Out?

This is a question that we get here at Leafly nearly every day: Should I invest in a cannabis company? The Yahoo/Marist poll found that a little more than one-quarter of the American public wants to get in on the market – but only once it’s federally legal.

Making Your Drunk Uncle Bearable

And it appears that the surge in cannabis sales in the week prior to Thanksgiving may be no myth. More than half of all cannabis consumers say they’ve enjoyed the product prior to a family function. Stress reduction. We get it. But what about experience enhancement? Yahoo/Marist has that angle covered as well: 68% of consumers have enjoyed cannabis before sex.

Source: Leafly