Three Medical Cannabis Cultivation Licenses Awarded In Rhode Island

Three companies have officially been awarded medical cannabis cultivation licenses in Rhode Island. The companies, Medici Products & Solutions, Inc., OSCC, LLC, and Evergreen Gardens, LLC. are currently the only cultivators that are allowed to sell cannabis to the state’s three existing dispensaries.

According to the Providence Journal, Evergreen Gardens was given a license that specifically forbids the company to sell to the Summit Medical Compassion Center. The state is waiting to receive documentation from the Massachusetts Department of Health that a particular individual, Armand Lusi who is involved with Evergreen, will no longer have any working connection at Summit. The “overlapping relationships” was a concern to Rhode Island officials, but things were resolved when Lusi agreed to no longer work with the Wellness Connection of Massachusetts.

Four more companies have also have approved applications, but they need to complete inspections before the license can be awarded.

There are also new regulations that went to effect in January preventing cannabis caregivers from selling cannabis to dispensaries. This move was made by legislators to help keep cannabis away from the black market. There are an estimated 2,800 medical cannabis caregivers and a 16,360 patients who are allowed to grow their own cannabis.

Rhode Island will be accepting applications for cannabis cultivators until April, and there is currently no limitation as to how many licenses can be given.

Source: Culture Magazine