Uruguay To Begin Recreational Cannabis Sales Today

In 2013, Uruguay made history by legalizing recreational cannabis nation-wide and claiming it will be available in pharmacies. Now they make good on their promise, and will be starting recreational sales in pharmacies across the country on July 19.

According to the U.S. News, a limited number of pharmacies are currently approved to begin selling legal cannabis today, July 19. So far, nearly 5,000 people have registered in the country as medical consumers who will be eligible to shop for cannabis. These individuals will be able to shop for cannabis in pharmacies after they officially begin offering the product.

Uruguay’s Cannabis Regulation and Control Institute claimed that cannabis will be available in the amounts of up to five grams, and so far will be sold at 16 pharmacies across the nation. All cannabis packaging will have a warning label explaining any associated risks, much like legal products in the U.S., and will also bear a security stamp guaranteeing authenticity. This will be the only method of legal sales in the country.

The country approved legal cannabis back in December of 2013, and made history by becoming the first country to have a completely legal cannabis market that deals with the plant from the growing stages all the way through packaging and purchase. The law also established legal cannabis clubs in Uruguay, and allows for home cultivation. Cannabis consumers can buy up to 40 grams a month, and will be able to do so in five gram increments any time after July 19 when pharmacies begin carrying cannabis.

It has yet to be seen how well this system will work and whether the needs of the medical public will be fully served, but this is a bold step worldwide for cannabis policy, and one that will surely be watched closely.

Source: Culture Magazine