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Bethan Jenkins

September 21st, 2017


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The “craft pot” market is on the rise and if you’re unsure about what gives particular strains of marijuana a “craft” status, you’re about to find out. Dispensaries across the US are constantly presenting cannabis consumers with new strains in a bid to remain competitive and rake in that all-important profit. Corporate cannabis growers are now favoring craft strains over generic strains, simply because they are a top-shelf option. Unlike regular strains of cannabis, craft pot is grown using the purest materials and methods.

Put it this way: craft pot crops are tended to individually by master growers, ensuring extra attention and care. The result? An utterly flourished pesticide-free marijuana plant that has been grown to its maximum potential. The industry is maturing as quickly as the plants are flowering, and as cultivators are meticulously fine-tuning cannabis clone genetics, the plant is being cured in the most advanced of ways.

Don’t expect these humidity and temperature-controlled strains to be cheap, however. In fact, craft pot is considered to be the most costly pot on the planet! Since it takes a heck of a lot of effort for a plant to reach craft level, this is understandable. But just how exclusive can strain selection get? Let’s find out.

7 Cannabis Strains That WILL Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of pot Snoop Dogg is smoking, chances are it’s something pretty pricey. Below, we spotlight seven of the most expensive cannabis strains in the world that are currently taking the craft pot market by storm:

  1. The Oracle – A rebrand of the well-known ACDC strain, Oracle boasts an intense THC content of 45%. It is an evenly balanced blend of Sativa and Indica with a price tag of no less than $1,000. When consumed, Oracle will leave you feeling deeply relaxed.
  2. Fruity Pebbles – Alien Genetics released this hybrid cannabis strain back in 2012. A rare strain with multi-colored buds and a candy-like scent, the expensive strain will ease stress and induce a good night’s sleep. Fruity Pebbles seeds have reportedly sold for $1,000-$1,500 in the past.
  3. Isla OG Canned Cannabis – Described as “the first canned cannabis”, this famous craft strain contains 45% THC and can be acquired for $800 per ounce. Alternatively, consumers can savor the potent effects by paying $100 for 1/8 portions of the canned cannabis.
  4. White Fire OG – Enjoy an uplifting effect from this 60% sativa hybrid strain, which has been given the nickname “WiFi OG”. Grown indoors and outdoors, the plant develops frosted buds and is sold at dispensaries for around $640 per ounce. Medical marijuana users favor WiFi OG for pain relief.
  5. Loud Dream – A backcross of the Blue Dream hybrid, this sativa-dominant craft cannabis strain is the perfect bud to pack your morning joint with. It won’t leave you feeling too tired. In fact, the THC content is mostly psychoactive and has a high-energy effect. Black market prices are typically $800 per ounce.
  6. J1 – If you’re willing to hand over $350 for an ounce of top-shelf hybrid, make sure it is to purchase the J1 strain! Typically, the THC content is around 22% and the high experienced from J1 is relaxed, yet speedy.
  7. XJ-13 – Also containing 22% THC is the XJ-13 strain. This 50:50 hybrid strain is suitable for both recreational and medicinal purposes. It won’t give you the munchies. (Quite the opposite, actually.) TGA Subcool Seeds are the cultivators responsible for breeding XJ-13. They did a pretty good job since it is selling for $375 per ounce at most dispensaries nowadays.

Do craft cannabis extracts have higher potency?

The answer to this question is an almighty “yes”. While you don’t necessarily have to hand over a week’s worth (or more) of your wages to fulfil your medical or recreational cannabis needs, you can bet that extracts produced by means of craft cannabis cultivation will blow your mind, in a good way, of course. Make sure your craft strains are of the highest quality by asking the supplier/budtender if it was extracted within three months of the cure date. Tip: it should be.

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