What is Rosin and Why You Should Try It

All About Rosin

If you love to dab or are just getting started with concentrates, there is a new solvent-less option that is quickly gaining a cult following for its purity, flavor, and potency. That concentrate is rosin, which is technically “mechanically separated” as opposed to extracted because only heat and pressure are used to remove the cannabinoids (think THC, CBD) in buds or other cannabis starting material. First pressed out on hair straighteners a couple of years ago, rosin has recently skyrocketed in popularity and is now made on commercial-grade rosin presses across the country. Rosin can be made from virtually any material including flower, kief, or even bubble hash for a supremely pure product that is 100% free of any harsh solvents, such as butane or propane.

Nowadays, everyone is looking for the best dabs that they can get their hands on as concentrates frequently provide superior flavor and unrivaled potency. In fact, rosin is equivalently potent or in some cases more so than BHO, PHO, and other solvent-based extracted products, typically in the 70% – 90% range. Rosin pressing also does not remove any residual contaminants that BHO processing typically removes, ensuring that when you are dabbing top quality rosin it came from truly premium cannabis. Often BHO is made by blasting questionable trim, moldy or powdery mildew-laden cannabis which can also damage the terpene profile considerably. Some premium hash rosin has been tested to have a terpene content as high as 13% or more, which approaches or even exceeds the current king of concentrates, live resin.

Another huge benefit that rosin provides to the cannabis community is that pretty much anyone can make it at home completely safely, as opposed to risking your life or a severe felony by open blasting BHO outside of strictly controlled lab settings. Since only heat and pressure are applied to liquefy the trichomes and other cannabinoids, using a rosin press is extremely safe. Whether you’re a home grower or just have some extra material you want to turn into dabs, rosin is a sure bet to take your extra kief or nugs and turn them into a full melt product.

If you haven’t tried rosin yet or your local dispensary doesn’t carry it, make sure to ask them. Rosin is one of the most flavorful concentrates that has the benefit of not carrying any nasty solvents and is frequently made from top shelf buds and hash, so you know you’re going to have a great product to dab. If you’re looking to make some of your own rosin, whether you have a hair straightener and need some accessories or you’re looking for an industry leading press, check out PurePressure. They’re based in Denver, Colorado and make some of the best products in the rosin market for everyone, whether they’re a lab or a home user. If you aren’t dabbing rosin yet, what are you waiting for?

Source: Smoking With Style