Wurk Platform Brings Ease Into Cannabis Business

It is no secret that operating a cannabis business can be complicated, given the complex marriage between various regulations at city, county, state and federal levels. A new workplace management platform has been created in order to make operating a cannabis business easier.

Wurk is the first and only workplace management platform that specifically serves the cannabis industry. It was designed to help those in the cannabis industry work in compliance with strict regulations. The Founder and CEO of Wurk is Keegan Peterson. Peterson has eight years of experience in enterprise sales for a high-profile Human Resources technology companies, which helped him learn the best practices for running a business. After realizing the cannabis companies are dealing with difficulties in being compliant with tons of regulations, Peterson saw a need for Wurk.

Wurk is specifically a human resources managing tool. Cannabis businesses will have an easier time managing payroll, human resources, employee benefits and other employee relations by utilizing Wurk. This is essential, especially considering the many banking issues cannabis businesses currently face. They offer a mobile application that employees can use, giving them the ability to communicate more effectively and utilize its self-service options.

The TIME & ATTENDANCE application ensures employees are accurately tracking their time. It’s been proven to help business owners monitor employees’ absences, overtime and schedules. From there, payroll is easy with the application, because it has seamless integration and tons of customizable features.

Business owners will also help employees manage human resources with everything from recruiting to terminating employees and everything in between. Some of the tools included are Applicant Tracking, Onboarding Checklists, Training & Certification, Performance Management, Benefits Administration and more.

Employers will also have the ability to get up-to-the-minute reports on essential topics like labor expenses. The platform will make sure that businesses are compliant with the Affordable Care Act. With so many regulatory issues facing the cannabis industry, companies like Wurk are making it easier to manage cannabis businesses while staying compliant.

Source: Culture Magazine