You Can Now Stay Cannabis & CBD Friendly Hotels in Colorado

Colorado was the first state to legalize Marijuana way back in 2012.  Since then there has been an outstanding rush of tourists wanting to visit the state and take part in the newly legal pot smoking past time.

The only downside to this adventure is the simple fact that Colorado has a ban on smoking in public places which means that all those tourists had better have some place to stay so they can enjoy their Cannabis.

With that said, believe it or not, there are 420 Cannabis friendly hotels in Colorado today. Please watch the video below for more information.

Though Marijuana has been legalized for both recreational and medicinal purposes in the state, and CBD products have made their legal presence known, Colorado still has a great many limitations on where people can consume the newly legalized product.

Independent hotels in Colorado each have the authority to decide whether or not they want to accommodate Cannabis users in their establishments.

Many of the Colorado hotels have, in fact, welcomed Cannabis and CBD tourists alike, allowing them to smoke the Marijuana and vape CBD oil anywhere they want on the hotel premises.  They are also offering their guests CBD-infused treats and beverages.

Other hotels have decided that the Cannabis can only be smoked outside of the hotels in designated smoking areas and not in the hotel rooms or restaurants.

The typical rule of thumb is that smoking your Cannabis indoors is not allowed, except for vaping and other edible products.   The hotels also offer guests special discounts with local dispensaries that they have partnered with.

Some of the top hotels in Colorado will allow you to enjoy smoking your Cannabis or delight in CBD-infused treats and beverages include a variety of quirky inns that are located right in the heart of Fort Collins.

This is a area with unique vintage properties, a series of favored bed and breakfasts, as well as multiple friendly lodges nestled in the Palisade Mountains.

There are also campgrounds with cabins of all sizes inside the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests that are vacation homes to many a Cannabis smokers.

When travelling to Colorado or any other location where Marijuana is legal you are sure to find your next trip a true blast, with the many friendly hotels who are equipped to handle your every Cannabis or CBD needs.

In locations other than Colorado, Cannabis smoking rules and CBD products are looked up in very much the same way.

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